Quality - Manifested Totem

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Quality - Manifested Totem

Postby Ray » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:06 pm

The archetypes are intended to have a very blurred line between them, exhibiting very subtle differences between them. The differences are designed to be so subtle that the mortals of the in-game setting usually have no idea who is who and there are very few ways to tell who is actually Fated or Quicksilver and even those methods can be unreliable. There are times, however, that the nature of the archetype comes out to play, so to speak, and manifested totem is one of them. With this quality, the nahual of the character manifests into the world as a real, flesh-and-blood creature. While it may be difficult to discern the nature of this animal, this is a much more reliable method by which spellcasters especially can figure out what a quicksilver is. In that sense, it can be a dangerous component to add to your character. In addition, when the creature is slain it presents a whole new bag of problems for the quicksilver.

Manifested Totem
Cost: 15 AP
Requirement: Quicksilver
Effect: In mortals the follower soul, the part of a mortal's soul connected to the world at its most primal aspects, lies dormant and sleeping. It is not dead, it simply has no real action or affects in the world or the mortal's life. In the quicksilver, the follower awakens as the nahual and becomes an active, influential presence in the quicksilver's life. The manifested totem quality serves as a reminder of this. It causes the totem animal of the quicksilver to manifest in the material world as an animal of the appropriate type. The animal becomes a companion of the quicksilver, never leaving her side.
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