Hunt - Into The Mines

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Hunt - Into The Mines

Postby Ray » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:20 pm

It was early morning. The second moon had begun to sink beneath the horizon, and the birds chirp from the blooming branches of the Lonoak tree that stood just outside the tiny farming settlement of Laguarda. While passersby of the area around this time of year will always marvel at the giant, perfectly shapes tree as it blooms, completely covering itself white pink and white blooms, the few people that call this place home considered it barely more than a pretty nuisance. The tree itself, climbing more than thirty-five meters tall, was capable of covering the entire area in pink and white when the petals fell, and the wind could carry them just far enough to make sure the entire settlement was covered in a thin pink film. The winds carried their scent as well. A perfumed, flowery scent that attracted all sorts of animals, including the frightening bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are small, fuzzy, flying blue and black banded insects that gather flower nectar to make some of the sweetest honey that you have ever tasted. In spite of their dangerous nature, capable of swarming and stinging anyone unlucky enough to anger their nests. Their venom on its own was merely enough to sting, and can cause the victim to feel itchy for a few days. A swarm of them, however, is capable of taking down a full grown man. And when the swarms migrated into town specifically to feast on this singular lonoak tree, it carried the most beautiful pink and blue hues that any tourist would ever see.
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